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PC linked systems - 'Timenet' with on-site support agreements inclusive of software updates.

Off-site support via telephone and email (remote log-in available via cloud services).

Maintenance Service Agreements on products that require service/ribbon change or a reprogram.

We can come to you:


If you are not covered by a support/service agreement, you still have the option to have an engineer call in and look at your time recorder (our normal call-out charges will apply).

Workshop service/repair is another option, send your equipment to us to fix/reprogram and our trained engineers will service/fit new ribbons if required, test and return.

Please get in touch for more information on all of the above. 

Since 1980 we have specialised in Time & Attendance systems from basic clocking in machines to PC linked cloud based systems. We currently have thousands of ATR systems throughout the country. 

Time & Attendance systems are not only essential for payroll, they also provide your business the capability of knowing who is present within the building at one time, this is proven to be very important in regards to health & safety.


Our Timenet systems can link directly to your buildings fire alarm system & in the event of a fire evacuation, a departmentalised list of employees on site can be produced, within seconds, via a selected printer or from one of our dedicated evacuation printers. 

We offer basic servicing & repairs through to support contract agreements for various systems, such as;-  


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